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a message from phyllis briggs of slimyou.co.nzHi there!

My name is Phyllis Briggs

I am the founder of this groundbreaking programme and as many of you will know I have, until last year, struggled for many years with my weight, and had lived with the craziness of attempting a new diet almost monthly, with no lasting results. I made a decision on the 8th of December 2007 that this had to stop and made the commitment to change and set myself a goal to weigh 27 kilos lighter on the 8th December 2008.

I have always been a very strongly motivated person achieving huge success in all other areas of my life but the area that I seem to let myself down in was weight loss. I still had my health but it would soon be a case of diseases knocking on my door if I didn’t do something. We all think it’s not going to be us, so when my Mum had a heart attack at 49, it was a massive wake up call.

It was the correct food information combined with the right mindset and belief systems that finally worked for me. Combine this with my love of helping others and you have a recipe for true and lasting success.

I have since helped hundreds of women and men lose weight and have inspired many more.

Recently Campbell Live ran two stories on the programmes we are running and you can view these on our Media page.

But don’t just take my word for it – visit the testimonial page and see for yourself some of the inspirational success stories. I hope that I can help you become the person you want to be!


Phyllis Briggs