Teenager’s bid to lose 65kg


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Myra Ford grew up in Thames – the youngest in her family, and always the biggest.

She’s never known what its like to be slim – but she knows what it’s like to be bullied.

In Thames – jobs for teenagers are at the supermarket, KFC or McDonalds – Myra worked at the latter.

It was a cycle of feeling bad – eating – then feeling worse.

Now Myra has already lost over seven kilograms in just two weeks

For the first time in her life Myra has left home, got on a plane and now she is in Christchurch living with a virtual stranger called Phyllis Briggs.

After losing 33 kilograms herself Ms Briggs co-founded a weight loss programme called the ‘112 day challenge’.

But this is the first time she’s ever invited a client to live with her. They’ll know each other very well soon enough. Myra will be living with Phyllis’ family for the next seven months.

It’s also a crash course – in non-crash dieting.

It’s been go, go, go from day one but her very first walk left her with huge blisters.

Christchurch store Frontrunner agreed to fit Myra out and give her some sneakers for free.

Now she’s walking – around 15km a day as well as working out.

Phyllis isn’t charging Myra for her expertise – although Myra pays board – and must pull her weight at her new home.

Even without temptations – Myra won’t lose the whole 65 kgs before December – but she’ll be well on her way.

If you would like to follow Myra’s journey – you can watch her video blog here: