Helping Kiwi Kids Beat Obesity


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By Natasha Utting

Childhood obesity is now considered to be an epidemic. Globally 22 million children under five are estimated to be overweight.

In New Zealand one in twelve is obese, one in five kiwi kids is overweight.

But, helping children lose weight safely means making sure they want to first.

Three month’s ago Paige Terris weighed around 63 kilos, that is more like a 19 year old than a 9 year old

“I was wearing a size 14 adults,” says Paige

Now Paige and her brother Brodie have now lost 26 kilograms between them.

“Rugby was difficult, trying to get around the field. I got puffed really fast,” says Brodie.

Their Aunt Phyllis saw the pain the children was going through and want help.

“Paige came to me, made me teary,” Phyllis says.

Phyllis has lost 27 kilos herself, and now runs weight loss challenges for adults.

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